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TGS Book Six - Starting Again

Twice. I've completed this book twice now to the tune of just about 200,000 words between them.

The first version of this book had to be tossed out when I decided to rework book five. I wasn't sad to see it go though, it had never felt right.

The latest version was completed in December 2023 after a fight through the draft. This isn't how I typically write. It isn't that it comes easy but it doesn't come this hard. The second version of this book saw me dealing with illness, struggles with the stage of life for my youngest child, out-of-control schedules, and the illness and loss of someone important. There is a lot of emotion tied to this book but the text is numb and boring.

So I start again. There are some things that worked in this last version and there are things that I think I just wanted to work that never could. Part of me is disappointed to make this decision but I know it's the right one.

Moving forward and not looking back,



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