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Studio Time

The past couple weeks have seen a bit of play and a bit of progress on a few different art pieces. I received a lot of feathers on a recent order. Feathers are not something I typically buy and I can't even recall which project I may have ordered them for, but seeing as I have them I am certainly enjoying incorporating them into my art where they fit. I can't say I am enjoying finding them all over my studio though, how do they keep getting away from me?

I have been developing a project for The Garage Gallery's first official Come & Go Creations on Saturday, March 28th. It is an oval fluid art piece inspired by decorating Easter eggs. So far I have been having a lot of fun with it and I know those who attend will love it as well.

Work has also continued on an art piece that will be donated to Autism Services of Saskatoon for their Great Gatsby Event. I had a bit of self doubt while working on this piece yesterday but am pushing through it. I am excited to finish this one and send it off.

So what are you working on? ~ Robin

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