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Over the past week, I have been working to amalgamate my author and artist accounts. In the past, I had thought I would keep everything separate. Conventional wisdom seems to indicate that it is better for branding to keep things apart but I have discovered that it is not better for my productivity or my sanity. Will this change harm my online presence? Only time will tell. In theory, it should help me become far more consistent.

Moving forward, this change also allows me to grow in the content that I am releasing. I have tagged myself as author-artist-mother-wife for some time now. That's who I am, though the order changes each day (sometimes multiple times a day). In the future, this blog will include more content about my life as a mother and wife, my business life, and my author and artist life. This change also simplifies and clarifies my plan for my YouTube Channel.

Sometimes, moving forward requires a step back and a bit of simplification.


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