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Progress report - Divine Chaos Review

I set myself the goal to have the initial review of the Divine Chaos duology completed by February 29th... and I might just make it! With 15 pages remaining to cover with red pen that will leave implementing changes and that part of the review will be completed and on to beta readers... right? Nope.

There is the little issue of a lost character within the second book. Tell me I'm not the only one

who does this? The character is important to the start of the book but at some point he is just gone. His job is to protect one of the main characters, he can't just vanish as things get tough, and he's immortal so I can't just find a logical spot and kill him off. So, what's a writer to do? Go back and weave this character back into the story of course, and this will take a bit of time. How long? I'm going to give myself 10 days to get this done and another 5 days for a second review before seeing if there is anyone out there that would like to beta read.

On that note... if you want to be a beta reader for this duology, let me know. Combined the books are around 180,000 words and they fall into the fantasy genre.

~ Robin

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