• Robin

Changing plans

I've been a quarterly planner for some time now, though my ability to stick to that plan is questionable. Most often my issue is that I have neglected to realize the order of my projects or overestimated the time I actually have to work. These last few quarters, my daughter's ever-changing sleep schedule has been my undoing but at least that small obstacle will not be a long term one.

My latest curve ball has been the decision to focus on my writing career. This led me to sitting down and planning out not only when I would like to publish each book but also when each one needs to be written and edited and when all the finishing touches need to be applied in order to meet those deadlines. I'm fairly confident in that schedule now but it does mean that Q1 of 2021 needs a bit of a tweak.

I guess this last week of January will be spent shuffling some things around and creating a new plan. I had a friend refer to the first plan as draft one. Fitting for a writer I suppose. 🤔

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