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My editing process... this time

I have been writing for a lot of years. Truth be told, my first novella was completed in 2002 which seems like so long ago to me now. My life at that time compared to my life now, let's just say there isn't much that's the same. If you've snooped through my site, you've probably seen my list of projects. In fact, looking at that list you could probably surmise where the larger changes took place over those years. Meeting my husband, having my children, these things drastically changed how I spent my time and the gaps represent me learning how to make time for my creative pursuits.

I have "edited" a few novels over the years but looking back at those cringe-worthy projects I am grateful that they haven't really seen the light of day. My version of editing was far too simplistic to say the least. With age comes wisdom I suppose, and the desire to make things the best that I can has certainly been cemented in me. I won't strive for perfection, but I will work towards completion and this means that my editing process has drastically changed from those youthful days. Searching through the wisdom and advice of others I am slowly developing my own editing process. It will include at least one professional editor but that is not the first step. Currently I am working on a review of both parts of my Divine Chaos duology. What this means to me is reading through the books, making an outline (as they were written at a time that I did not outline at all), correcting the "tell vs show" issues, adding better descriptions, and ensuring that the story flows and properly foreshadows the events that it needs to. After I have applied the edits from my review, I will likely read through it again, make further corrections that I find necessary, and then hand it off to a few people to beta read for me. From there, my path will be determined by their feedback. A total overhaul? Some simple corrections? Only time will tell. ~ Robin

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