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Creation and exploration!

These past couple weeks have been filled with exploration into a new technique and a new medium. I have a love for fluid paintings as many do. I find that they can be incredibly therapeutic.

Between the time spent mixing your paints, to the slow pour of that prepared mixture into a cup or directly onto the canvas, there is a limit to how much you can manipulate your creation without it turning to mud. There is also a limit to how much control you really have over what the paint does once it reaches the canvas. This is an art form that forces you to relinquish control at a point far sooner than others and to trust that what you have put into the process will show in the final result. It is a slow and methodical technique while at the same time being a quick flash of color at the end. It is a technique that I love to play with and one that I am constantly searching for new things to do with. This past week an old love, bubble wrap (come on, who hasn't used the cheap therapy at least once), merged with fluid paint and the results were lovely.

In addition to fluid painting techniques, I have ventured into art that requires rings and ribbons - with the occasional addition of buttons, flowers, and feathers. I have been having fun taking these simple materials and seeing the variations and creations that I can make with them. Some are certainly Pinterest inspired while others are products of my imagination. Wrapping, knotting, and weaving ribbons into simply aesthetic designs might be fast becoming my new found love. Now the danger of macrame looms near as a friend and fellow artist has said she may be interested in teaching a workshop to make feathers! - Robin

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