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Release Date Sept 14, 2021

"Why was my life more important than yours?”

“Because you have a future. I never did.”

“Like hell, you didn’t!”

Seers are born to die young. His gifts had barely emerged when this fact became clear to Sillar and he began to actively work against the fates. Having gained freedom from those who sought to abuse his powers, Sillar found himself welcomed into a world opposite to his own. After a series of visions show the fates of those who took him in, the seer becomes determined to save them, even if he must sacrifice his soul to do so.

Cascara knows little of magic. She is aware that it played a part in her mother’s death and that those around her who do possess such things are secretive. Finding herself hunted, she must quickly learn to harness her gifts before those who wish to exploit her can capture her. As secrets come to light and she begins to doubt those who are trying to protect her, Cascara finds herself facing the same decisions that lead to her mother’s death.

Can Cascara determine why she is being hunted before it is too late or will those around her pay for keeping her safe?