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Release Date July 19, 2022

“Give me one good reason that you’re doing this.”

“She’s a daemon. Tell me, sorcerer, does someone from a race of protectors deserve such a fate?”

Shamans are the connection between the living and the restless spirits of Graythal. They are meant to guide the dead toward rest, not to profit off of their souls. Vythica has spent much of her life under the control of others—a prize for many who’ve never encountered one of her kind. When freedom is offered to her by a twist of fate, she is not only skeptical of the future promised to her but also suspicious of the motives of the strangers around her.

Gavin lives his life making up for the time stolen from him when he was a child. Surviving as a thief, he has been careful to keep his past from compromising his future but everything changes when he meets Vythica. Now the past he’s been running from might be her only chance for survival.

Will accepting his fate save her or simply destroy him?