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Release Date January 2023

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“It is too often that the fates twist unsightly webs as they work to stabilize what the gods erode.”

The journey of an ancient soul is a complicated one and many who have fallen into the circle of rebirth have also drawn ire from the gods who see them as a threat.

Kuma’s focus is clear, find Freya and free her and their son from captivity. Following the guidance of a goddess, divine visions lead him to the earth temple where he is confronted by the reality that he may not be equipped to understand the images being granted to him.

Amala knows her fate, it is a fate shared by all women in her family. Since the moment Reece’s hand went cold in hers, she has recognized that she cannot outrun what is drawing ever closer. When a stranger crosses her path, her very soul lights with the knowledge that he is not who he appears to be.

As the fates twist their paths to merge and past souls open old wounds, can Kuma see the truth of the enemies around him or will his goal force him to make the choices that align his soul with Varen’s? Will he sacrifice those around him to find his wife?