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Release Date April 1, 2021

"All I've managed to do is fail, isn't that right? I should have let him die."

"That's complicated."

The Book of Ivory has faded to legend and the threat that lingers within has mostly been forgotten. Kuma knows the story, or the part of it that he paid attention to, and he knows that it will be his place to protect the royal who is next to carry the secret. He also knows that centuries have passed since the daemons hid the book and that the only threat the royal guardian has faced in that time has come from within the castle.

Still, his visions have shown him a future that looks nothing like what those who've come before him have faced.

When Arkhaios not only finds the Book of Ivory but allows the souls within their chance at freedom, Kuma's visions begin to become reality and the battles that he's seen creep closer as does his own death.

Can this ancient threat be kept imprisoned or will Kuma be forced to walk the path that he has fought against since his visions first revealed the will of the fates?