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Release Date February 15, 2022

“During times of danger, the Elemental Warriors have always been called to protect the Child of Balance.”

“They’ve done a great job—seeing as we’re the last ones.”

Daray knew that the gods watched over the realm of the living. So strong were his convictions that when he was chosen to step into the sacred fire to greet the God of Balance, he did so without hesitation. Since that moment, he has lived a life of suffering, firmly believing the divine promise that so long as he endures, his beloved will remain safe. However, when Daray is faced with true chaos, everything he trusted begins to unravel around him.

Terran is a well-known knight who chooses to live a simple life on the land he inherited from his absent father. His power over the earth element is something he’s kept secret, using the power to his advantage while never fully understanding where it comes from. When a mission to evacuate the monks from Echo Mountain reveals not only his family’s connection to the temple but also the truth of his own soul, Terran makes a choice that permanently alters his life’s path.

Now called together, can the Elemental Warriors protect the Child of Balance against a danger that the gods themselves refuse to face?